Environmental Stewardship

Pipe Makers Union is founded on a philosophy of sustainability for our planet, our company, and our products. This is supported with three covenants:

Zero Waste

PMU strives to cast or mold products in their final shapes. We will not release a product that requires more than 3% material removal. In contrast, our deforesting brethren start with a block of wood of which 97% is left on the floor as sawdust or shavings.


PMU makes products that are designed to play forever, with normal and abnormal use. We always strive to create instruments that will withstand all the seasons our planet has to offer by using careful criteria in our selection of materials. Our instruments are crafted to last for our own and future generations.


PMU’s signature CarbonyTM material requires no tree to be cut and no inherent carbon emissions. Carbony is a minimum resin content carbon fiber material. Its processing not only increases fiber density but minimizes petroleum content.

African Blackwood Conservation Project