Great Highland Bagpipes, Chanters & Accessories


The Carbony™ practice chanter with counter sunk finger holes pitches truer than any wood or petroleum based instrument. The base chanter is carbon fiber with stainless steel fitments. Accurate finger placement and tuning is key for this product. Available with true size countersunk  or easy play small  finger holes.




GHWsmallsquareThe Great Highland A440 whistle is our latest addition to this family, its a performance quality alternative to the practice chanter.  A true 440 instrument that plays with exact fingering of the Great Highland Bagpipe with the whistles ability to play two octaves.  The highland scale in A matches the key signature of a D whistle and has perfect intonation for sitting in an Irish session.  Comes with a fingering chart and is also available in B and Bb.


Carbony™ Highland Whistle

played by Bill Mullen


silverchanterWe have developed a line of Highland Chanters in  Concert A, Concert Bb and competition pitch (478 Hz). Available with Stainless steel, brass or sterling silver sole (surcharge applies).






Highland PipesAlso available is a full
 Carbony™ Highland Bagpipe, trimmed with stainless steel and imitation ivory, tied into a Canmore Goretex bag.


We also carry a sweet sounding Carbony™ Smallpipe, that comes stock with brass drone reeds, trimmed with stainless steel.