Super Boom Didgeridoo
                Our line of slide tunable lightweight collapsible didgeridoos are perfect for the touring musician. Since each slide is precision ground to tight tolerances (+/-0.001″) the instrument slides effortlessly and seals with no O-rings. Each didgeridoo comes with a molded stainless steel mouthpiece and our simulated termite spiral tapered groove.  This gives the instrument a sonic complexity not present in straight tube instruments.  The mouthpiece can be played with the naked metal, a rubber cap or traditional beeswax.  
Two Section Large Bore Didgeridoo
The two section ranges over a fifth from low C all the way up to A.
Carbony™ two section large bore didgeridoo played by Todd Johnson
    Our three section didges span over an octave from high A to low G with the outer slide featuring a taped bell opening for added volume. Super boom:
    Big bore: