Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is an engineered material developed for the aircraft industry due to its stability, strength, and lightness. While these are all desirable qualities for a musical instrument, its greatest feature is in its resonance. Carbon can be laid up to resemble wood fiber structure and density, producing a harmonic signature identical of the hardest woods available on our planet. All accomplished with no deforestation.

How is it done?

The basic shapes are molded around a precision ground mandrel. This provides the ultimate in repeatability and reproducibility. All geometries are accurate and repeatable, the quality of each product is delivered by the manufacturing process.

Can I travel with the instruments?

The instruments come with a lifetime warranty for a reason, they are indestructible. Feel free to check them in your luggage or carry them on board. They are not made of metal so they will not set off any metal detectors.

I have a special request for tuning or an idea for a new instrument, is custom work possible?

We are always excited to work on unique ideas and new projects. If the request can be accomplished with our current stock of carbon it can usually be done without an extra fee. We do reserve the right to replicate any custom work unless negotiated otherwise.

Can I try the instruments before I commit to purchase?

We have a 30-day trial period on all purchases, so take your time to see if the instrument is a good fit. Be sure to save the shipping materials. We also travel to multiple festivals all over the world. Please check our online calendar to see when we will be traveling near you.