Winter Newsletter 2014


jonWe hope everyone in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are gearing up for the holiday season, and wanted to make a special introduction! We would like to introduce Carbony’s first employee, Jon Warner. Jon has made the long trek to Oregon from his native Connecticut, and he is an accomplished musician. He comes with instrument making experience as a former employee of Sweetheart flutes. One of Jon’s projects will be the development of a carbon fiber Uillean pipe chanter so look for this product introduction in the spring. Hopefully, Jon will be going on the road for Carbony, so if you see him in the booth at a show, make sure you stop by and say hello.


Carbony is also introducing a few new products for 2015! We have a new line of double whistles, available in the keys of D, C, and Bb. These whistles have two bodies; one body plays as a typical 6 hole whistle and the other body is used as a drone. The drone will also jump octaves with breath intensity and can be set up on the fundamental to imply a major key or on the second to imply a minor tonality. We have had these available at festivals over the last month and they are our fastest moving product to date. They make the perfect gift for the whistle player who has everything.

double whistle rotated

We have also introduced our widely anticipated medium backpressure super boom triple slide didgeridoo with two locking collets and a true continuous exponential bell. This product also features a triple spiral molded bore head joint with stainless steel aperture.

expanded extract

We have added to our flute line an ergonomic hole pattern for our full body flutes in D and C, and a full body low Bb flute- our first flute with a detachable foot joint.

Bb flute extract

Lastly, we will be introducing a line of Carbony™ instrument boxes, leather holsters and whistle rolls this month.

To ease some of your holiday expenses, we are offering free standard shipping! Just type [FSHP] as a promotion code as you check out at, or just call 1 541 829 3016 and we can take your order over the phone.

Thanks for another successful year and we wish you a great holiday season full of music and good cheer!