Happy St Patrick’s Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful 2011 and to remind you to take in and play some music this week! The year is already on a great start and I always consider March 17th opening day for Celtic Festivals and Highland Games. I have been busy in the shop for a couple months and will be parading out some real sweet creations this year. Already released is a concert A chanter for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Very sweet sound and this chanter will get you into a band with fiddles and guitars. I have a few other neat creations coming out in the next two weeks so watch the website or come out to my booth when I am in your area.

I already have a few appearances locked in for this season:

Dunedin Highland Games, April 9th

Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games, April 15,16,17

Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival, May 7,8

Newport Celtic Festival and Highland Games, June 10,11,12

The International Gathering of Instrument-Makers and Master Pipes of Saint-Chartier, July 14,15,16,17

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival, Sept 8,9,10,11

My calendar is still filling up so email me if there is a show you would like to see me at thats not on the list yet!

Thanks again and check out some of the new stuff on our website, www.Carbony.com

And if you have a sound clip or video you would like to share, drop me an email at Rob.Gandara@Carbony.com. All artists selected will receive a $50 credit towards your next instrument purchase.

And of course in Corvallis on Thursday, look for my band Ordinance downtown. We are playing six sets in four pubs. Starting at 5:00 pm at Squirrels, 6:30 on Cloud nine, 7:30 at the Beaver Tail Brewery and closing out the night at the Block 15 Brewery. Bring your dancing shoes…