Record sales two festivals running!


Welcome to the Pipe Makers Union 2008 St Patricks update. Back to back weekend Irish festivals in Dallas Texas and Eugene Oregon set record sales and a promising start to 2008!

My band Ordinance will be performing throughout Corvallis on March 17th, so if you are in town stop by Squirrel’s, the Fox and Firkin and Cloud 9 for the festivities. We have a new guitar player that has quite a voice. check out for more info.

Since I’ve been back in Oregon I have finalized the design for the Low G whistle with anodized aluminum mouthpiece. The finger reach on this product is much easier than the Low D and it voices both octaves well. Please let me know if you are interested in trying one at

The winner of the whistle drawing at NTIF was Jim Atkinson of Dallas, Texas. Congratulations, Jim. The highlight of Dallas was all the professional players all giving the high and low D whistles a workout.

In Eugene we had quite a crowd when a Todd Johnson of Pacific Winds started demoing all my didgeridoos.

I also want to thank my father for helping with booth duty in Dallas and Tracey Yee in Eugene they are both excellent sales associates and wouldn’t be possible for me to continue without their support.