Seattle was a piping frienzy

The wave we made at Bellingham just keeps getting bigger, had about 20 different pipers interested in giving the carbon fiber chanter a go… Big was a common description of the sound. Also premiered the carbony whistle and sold out of stock. Big hit with accomplished musicians one of the performers showed me a trick in tuning the overtones and within an hour i had it spot on, the best whistle I’ve ever played were the words coming out of his mouth. It speaks lightly as most tapered designs but has the volume of an instrument twice its size. Also the practice chanter design received great accolades from everyone who tried. nice sound and easy to play, one tweak to the G as highland pipers play a minor 7th scale, will take care of this in the next build. The new signage gave no doubt as to what we sell so we are getting much better at this booth duty highland games style.